Cardiff & District Law Society is committed to offering our individual and employer members with proactive support and inspiration to create a more dynamic, accessible and aspirational regional legal community.

Our subcommittees are dedicated to supporting our members on topics that directly affect modern legal practices and employees, offering unique networks and events that compliment the society’s wider activities. More information can be found below.



Led by: Byron Jones, Head of Cardiff Professional Legal Studies, Cardiff University

Regulatory work on behalf of members

Cardiff and District Law Society is proactive in responding to consultations issued by a range of regulatory bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Legal Services Board and Legal Ombudsman.

Through our Regulatory Issues Sub-Committee (RISC), CDLS ensures that solicitors in and around Cardiff have a voice in important debates that have a direct impact on legal practice and the business of running a law firm.

We have responded to consultations on a range of topics in recent years, from the annual business plans of the regulators, to the increase in the SRA’s fining powers and the proposed withdrawal of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund’s post six year run-off cover.

For further queries about the committee’s regulatory work or with suggestions regarding open consultations, please contact us.

BAME & Friends

Led by: Trish D’Souza, Solicitor, Blake Morgan LLP

The BAME & Friends subcommittee promotes fairness and equality for the different ethnicities, cultures and faiths of our members through educational events and coffee mornings. The committee founded a Cardiff wide mentoring scheme which aims to facilitate the development of networks, raise awareness of the issues affecting BAME members’ entry into the legal profession and the sharing of local knowledge.


Led by: Rhian Hooton, Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell & Committee Member of The Law Society Disabled Solicitors Network

The first disability subcommittee within a local law society which is dedicated to improving disability inclusion and is committed to raising awareness of the ways in which individuals and businesses can make their workplaces more inclusive. The disability subcommittee offers support to its members by hosting events which raise awareness of the issues disabled lawyers face and provide the tools needed to make positive change and achieve a more diverse legal profession which reflects the society it serves.


Led by: Marc Jones, Trainee Solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland

A key focus for the LGBTQ+ subcommittee is our ‘Reaching for the Rainbow’ initiative, which is focussed on improving inter-networking between LGBTQ+ colleagues and internal LGBTQ+ networks. The aim of the initiative is that by focusing on inter-networking in the legal sector, we ensure that there is a support system for all LGBTQ+ colleagues irrespective of whether they are already part of an LGBTQ+ network or not. The subcommittee network is open to LGBTQ+ identifying individuals and allies, providing a safe space for everyone to feel open and connected with other LGBTQ+ legal professionals.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Led by: Clare Good, Solicitor at Capital Law & LawCare Champion

The mental health and wellbeing subcommittee supports and promotes mental wellbeing in the legal community. The subcommittee has focussed on raising awareness of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of lawyers and exploring the best way to combat the challenges this presents, for example the hybrid working model. The subcommittee works closely with and supports the work of LawCare which is a charity providing free, confidential, emotional support to anyone working in the law.

Social Mobility

Led by: Clare Good, Solicitor at Capital Law & The Law Society Social Mobility Ambassador & Panna Singh, Solicitor at TLT LLP

Anyone, regardless of their socio-economic background, should have the opportunity to join and succeed in the legal profession but current statistics show this is not happening in practice. The social mobility subcommittee aims to ensure that lawyers who practice in our circuit reflect the communities we serve. We want to offer lawyers and aspiring lawyers a profession which is welcoming to all by encouraging and inspiring young people and university students from lower socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their interests in law.

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